January 24, 2019


 On 23rd January 30 Year 8 students took part in the Energy Quest S.T.E.M morning sponsored by Shell.   

 The workshop had hands-on activities, careers information and stories from real engineers working in energy.  Students explored concepts of energy generation, sustainability and developing technologies.

Students were encouraged to  find out all about sustainable energy and learn about associated engineering careers.  They worked in teams to consider alternative and novel ways for generating energy for a world that has an increasing population.  Some ideas were very innovative and could be deployed in the world today, other ideas pushed scientific and technological boundaries and would warrant further study and investigation!

During the final part of the session students built and tested electric vehicles having to consider a range of factors to enable them to perform well.  Teams worked together and were able to independently solve many of the problems that came their way. 

As a result of the session students were inspired to work hard at solving problems, they were more informed of the impact of engineering on everyday life and are more aware the range of careers that can be pursued within different engineering sectors.