Performance Data

Each year we will provide information here with regard to our achievements at GCSE (Year 11) and Advanced Level (Year 13) examinations.

 GCSE Results 2019 – provisional data

Progress 8 score N/A
Attainment 8 score 41
% 9 -4 in both English and Maths 66%
% 9-5 in both English and Maths 41%
% Entering the Ebacc 21%
% Achieving the EBacc 14%
% Staying in education or employment (for pupils who finished Y11 in 2017) N/A


From 2016 the performance measures used by the government will change.  The key performance measure will be known as ‘Progress 8’.

For further information on Progress 8 click this link:

From 2017 the grading system used for GCSE examinations will begin to change.  The changes will first apply to English and Mathematics GCSEs but will then roll out to cover all subjects.  Grades will change from the current A*- G grading, to be replaced by grades 1 to 9.  A document showing the comparison between grades can be found here



GCE A Level Results 2019 – provisional data

Progress made by our students compared to other students across the country -0.2
Average grade achieved by our students at A Level C+
Progress made by Yr 12 & 13 students who re-sit
GCSE English
Progress made by Yr 12 & 13 students who re-sit
GCSE  Maths
% students who complete the A level programme of study they start in Yr 12 N/A
%  students staying in education or employment after they complete Yr 13 (for pupils who completed Yr 13 in 2014) N/A

The Department for Education School Performance tables website can be found here: