Severe Weather and School Closure Procedure


Early Closure

If the school needed to close early whilst the School is in session, due to inclement weather conditions, a text message will be sent to parents where possible and an announcement put on the School’s website. Pupils who would be collected from School or those unable to gain access to their homes will be managed by the School until our normal dismissal time. Those travelling by LA/School buses will be transported off the site as soon as the buses are available.


If the school needed to close following adverse weather conditions overnight, a decision would be taken as early as possible by the Principal and Chair of Governors which takes into consideration the health and safety and safe access of the pupils and staff and the operation of the school.

Parents, pupils and staff will be informed via text message, announcements on local radio stations and the School’s website.


Presume that the school will be open as usual the following day but continue to check the Academy website, social media and Radio Leicester for further updates.  We will confirm by text message if we need to remain closed for a further day.

Please note that as there may be a high volume of schools trying to get through to the radio station, it may take some time before you hear any announcement.