Meet The Governors and Members of the Trust

The Governing Body

Our Articles of Association are the primary governing documents of the Academy Trust and The Governing Body.  The governors act as the Trustees for the charitable activities of Wreake Valley Academy and are also the Directors of the Charitable Company for the purposes of company law.

The Articles of Association state that the following governors may be appointed:

  • One Trust Governor appointed by the Trust Members:  Vacancy
  • Four Parent Governors elected by parents of registered pupils at the school:
    Cassandra Soulsby (Vice Chair) Mark Measures, 2 vacancies filled and awaiting completion of paperwork
  • Up to Six Community Governors appointed by the governing body:
    Carol Chambers (Chair), Jane Middleton, Lucy Pathan, Michelle Wilkinson
  • Co-Opted governor:  James Myers
  • Up to One Staff Governors appointed by the governing body:   Matt Reid
  • The Principal: Tony Pinnock

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to Governors, Rachael Boyall at or by telephoning the school on 0116 264 1080.

The members of the Trust will be the Principal, Chair of Governors and Vice Chair of Governors as stated in the Articles of Association.  Their Business and Pecuniary interests are shown below:

Name  Position  Date of Appointment Date
ceased to be a member
Business and Pecuniary Interests
Antony Pinnock Principal  30/08/2011   –  None
Russell Horsley
(resigned 26/02/18)
Chair  31/08/2017  26/02/18  Director of GEMEG Training Provider

HE Links to Doncaster University

Carol Chambers Chair  01/09/2017  –  None
Cassandra Soulsby Vice Chair 03/05/17 Lightning Route Ltd
Cassandra Soulsby Vice Chair 03/05/17 QVAC Ltd
Cassandra Soulsby Vice Chair 03/05/17 Cultural Quarter (Leics)
Cassandra Soulsby Vice Chair 03/05/17 Leicester City Education Authority


Type of Governor


Appointed by

Date Appointed

Date Term of Office ends

Trust Governor Russ Horsley (Chair and Trust Member)

Resigned 26/02/18

Governing Board 30/01/2016 29/01/2020
Parent Governor Alvin Boivin
Term ended 30/03/18
Governing Board 31/03/2016 30/03/2018
Parent Governor Lisa Glover
Resigned 07/12/17
Governing Board 24/10/16 23/10/2020
Parent Governor Mark Measures
Term ended 30/03/18
Governing Board 31/03/2016 30/03/2018
Parent Governor Mark Measures
re-elected 30/04/18
Governing Board 23/05/18 22/05/2022
Parent Governor Cassandra Soulsby
(Interim Vice Chair)
Governing Board 03/05/2017 02/05/2021
Community Governor Barbara Bromley
Resigned 31/03/2017
Governing Board 01/04/2013 31/03/2017
Community Governor Carol Chambers (Interim Chair and Trust member ) Governing Board 29/04/2016 28/04/2020
Community Governor Jane Middleton Governing Board 31/01/2016 30/01/2020
Community Governor Lucy Pathan Governing Board 31/03/2016 30/03/2017
Community Governor Yasin Tayebjee Resigned 05/10/17 Governing Board 03/05/2017 02/05/2021
Community Governor Michelle Wilkinson Governing Board 18/05/2016 17/05/2020
Co-Opted Governor James Myers Governing Board 24/05/2016 23/05/2020
Governor/ Principal Tony Pinnock
(Trust member)
Ex Officio 30/08/2011
Staff Governor Matt Reid Elected by staff 05/11/2012 04/11/2016

Details of Business and Pecuniary Interests for the governing board are published separately.

Except for The Principal, Governors are subject to retirement after 4 years of service but are eligible for re-appointment or re-election at their final meeting.

The Clerk to The Governors is Rachael Boyall and the Company Secretary is Andrew Winter.

The Governing Body is responsible for the strategic direction of the Academy. The Governing Body reviews progress towards our educational objectives and student results. They also set the budget for the year and monitor our spending.

The full governing body meets four times a year with additional meetings as required.  The work of the governing body is split into three committees: Outcomes, Resources and Risk Management, each committee meets half termly.  Working party groups are set up as required to focus on specific tasks.