Google Classroom codes

Follow this link to Google Classroom

Revising at home

Students are now able to access past papers, revision materials and useful exam resources via the Google classroom app.
Simply  click on the Google classroom link above or download the google classroom app for android or ios phones/tablets.

You need to login with your school email address – this is with your school network password. For example

When you are asked to find a class, enter one of the codes below to take you to a tailor made site for your child’s particular exam.

From here your child can download papers to complete at home, then bring them in for their teacher to check.

Google Classroom Codes

 Year Group  Subject  Google Classroom Code
Year 10 Art con3dd8
Year 11 Art kzdnqt
Year 12 Art r3jjbh
Year 13 Art 8gncqwb
Year 11 Business Studies vidxdrf
Year 12 Business Studies levn1g
Year 13 Business Studies 4u725d
Year 10 Drama 4d9h6x7
Year 11 Drama rgbibf
Year 11 Economics gjxhsye
Year 12 Economics tgqror
Year 13 Economics spc506s
 Year 11  English Language  nnfa1a
 Year 11  English Literature  bj6jxtw
Year 7 French 47ifest
Year 8 French kfwdzki
Year 10 French 7ktcysd
Year 11 French 8y7cs8o
Year 11 Geography n7s8sd2
Year 12 Health & Social Care ihga33z
Year 13 Health & Social Care 9j3bln
Year 11 History zw82u
Year 11 IT Group G jdzde3
Year 11 IT Group H y0dzrtn
Year 12 IT rr2zhi
 Year 11  Media Studies  mme6d7
 Year 10  Music  ebzgsf
 Year 11  Music  jbz0fru
 Year 12  Performing Arts  6xx6w7l
 Year 13  Performing Arts  wxobu5p
Year 10 Physical Education q54tucq
Year 11 Physical Education jhkj78q
Year 12 Physical Education – AS level poigyi9
Year 11 Core Science  vcqkl12v
Year 11 Science –
Additional Science  Physics 2
Year 11 Science –
Additional Science  Chemistry 2
Year 11 Science –
Additional Science  Biology 2
Year 11 GCSE – Chemistry  zv01po3
Year 11 GCSE – Biology  edd25vj
Year 11 GCSE – Physics  6x8zjej
For further Science revision follow this link:
Science Revision Codes
Year 11 Sociology (for year 10 paper) 1hk8yab
Year 11 Sociology – Group F 1wdcno
Year 11 Sociology- Group G x8dw7y
 Year 11  Spanish  gnvpby7