Wreake Reflects

March 29, 2019

This week Mr Robinson and Miss Green took 30 Year 9 students to the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre as part of their RE studies.  Read one student’s account of their day out…


On Tuesday 26th March we went on a trip to the Holocaust Centre UK in Nottinghamshire.  Firstly, we went into a room where we met our tour guide, Linda.  Here she talked to us about the things we should be doing for the rest of the day.  We watched a short film about Life in a German ghetto, then we continued into the auditorium.

In the auditorium we listened to the story of a holocaust survivor, Bernard.  It was very eye-opening to see how some of the younger Jews were so unaware of the great extent of anti-Semitism spread throughout Germany.  After this we split into two groups.  Whilst one group went into the exhibition, my group went into the gardens.

The gardens were a lovely tribute to all those who had suffered because of the holocaust.  We began by each of us laying a pebble down in tribute to one child murdered in the holocaust.  The centre’s aim is to eventually have 1.5 million stones laid to commemorate the 1.5 million child Jews murdered in the holocaust.  We are one fifth of the way there and already the pile is incredibly big.  We then walked around the rose bushes which were all next to a plaque, which held individual commemorative messages, written by friends and family members of those who died because of the holocaust.  It was very interesting to learn about the individual stories spread around the garden about people like Anne Frank.

Finally, we went round the exhibition.  It was full of information and was very moving.  We listened to a man’s experience with the Nazi’s on the night of the broken glass.  There was also many actual items from the holocaust each an with incredible story.

Megan Green 9HMu