Combined Science

AQA GCSE Combined Science (8464)

Paper 1: Biology
1 hour 15mins
Tuesday pm 12th May 2020

Topics included: cells and organisation; disease and bioenergetics

Paper 1: Chemistry
1 hour 15 mins
Thursday am 14th May 2020

Topics included: Atoms, bonding and moles; chemical reactions and energy changes

Paper 1: Physics
1 hour 15 mins
Wednesday pm 20th May 2020

Topics included: Energy and energy resources; particles at work


Paper 2: Biology
1 hour 15 mins
Monday pm 1st June 2020

Topics included: biological responses; genetics and reproduction; ecology

Paper 2: Chemistry
1 hour 15 mins
Tuesday pm 10th  June 2020

Topics included: Rates, equilibrium and organic chemistry; analysis and the Earth’s resources

Paper 2: Physics
1 hour 45 mins
Friday am 12th June 2020 pm

Topics included: Forces in action; waves, electromagnetism and space

Revision Materials:

CGP Revision guide and work book
Revision Timetables – on the website
Knowledge Organisers for each topic – on the website
Required practical resources; method sheets and video links – on the website

Online learning:

Kerboodle: – Institution code RJ6

Google classroom – access code b4012h

Seneca Learning: AQA GCSE Combined Science