Why study this course?

Sport and physical activity are important in maintaining a healthy existence, and for many individuals sport is the focus of much of their leisure time.  There are many reasons why you should study sport or physical education.  For example, you may be a sportsman, sportswoman or coach interested in improving individual and team performance, or you may seek to become a healthcare professional concerned with the fitness, health and rehabilitation of general or specific populations.  Whatever your reason, if you have a genuine interest in all physical activities, are willing to give time to extra curricular activities and would like to learn more about the science behind sport, then this is the course for you.

What will I learn?/How will I be assessed?

There are three components to the GCSE PE course;

  • Practical coursework – this is worth 40% of your GCSE grade. It requires you to demonstrate your performance of key techniques and skills in a minimum of 3 sports, as well as being able to identify strength’s and weaknesses of your own and others performance and suggest ways for improvement.
  • Theory exam – this is worth 60% of your total GCSE grade.  These lessons will cover basic anatomy and physiology of the body, health and fitness, training methods and principles, sports psychology and other issues relating to the world of sport.  It is not an easy subject to study and you must be clearly dedicated to learning the new definitions and terminology that will be thrown at you.

Where can this course lead to after Key Stage 4?

  • A-level PE.
  • BTEC National Diplomas in sport.
  • Sports coaching.
  • Gym instructors courses. 

To find out more information:
Contact any of the PE staff or Faye Sibley, Head of PE or visit the  AQA exam board website: www.aqa.org.uk