Performance Data

Each year we will provide information here with regard to our achievements at GCSE (Year 11) and Advanced Level (Year 13) examinations.

 GCSE Results 2019 – provisional

Progress 8 score -0.5
Attainment 8 score 41
% 9 -4 in both English and Maths 66%
% 9-5 in both English and Maths 41%
% Entering the Ebacc 21%
% Achieving the EBacc 14%
% Staying in education or employment (for pupils who finished Y11 in 2018) 95%


From 2016 the performance measures used by the government changed.  The key performance measure is now known as ‘Progress 8’.

For further information on Progress 8 click this link:

From 2017 the grading system used for GCSE examinations began to change.   Grades changed from the current A*- G grading, to be replaced by grades 1 to 9.  A document showing the comparison between grades can be found by clicking the link below: New GCSE Gradings .



GCE A Level Results 2019 – provisional

Progress made by our students compared to other students across the country -0.2
Average grade achieved by our students at A Level C
The progress students have made in English NOT AVAILABLE
The progress students have made in maths +1
The progress students have made compared with students across England -0.13 A Level

+.44 Applied General

Progress made by Yr 12 & 13 students who re-sit

GCSE English

Progress made by Yr 12 & 13 students who re-sit

GCSE  Maths

% students who complete the A level programme of study they start in Yr 12
%  students staying in education or employment after they complete Yr 13 (for pupils who completed Yr 13 in 2018) 85% A level

90% Applied General

Student destinations – % of students in education, training or employment 94%

The Department for Education School Performance tables website can be found below: